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Regular maintenance guarantees greater efficiency

Regular maintenance ensures that your compressed air systems are operating as efficiently as possible. Inadequate maintenance can cause costly downtime, leading to a loss of production, poor quality products or energy waste.

Our service options are flexible. Depending on the customer’s needs, we are able to deal with individual cases or provide a range of maintenance contracts tailored to your needs. Our task is to ensure that customers always have compressed air when it’s needed.

Highly specialized team
Original parts
Repairs within 24/h
Compressors for emergency situations

Concessionaria atlas copco dal 1975

Officina Romagnoli è concessionaria atlas copco dal 1975

Retrofit inverters for rotary compressors

Retrofit and inverter replacement

With 40 years of experience in the field of compressed air, Romagnoli is able to perform retrofits and inverter replacements, with the appropriate control units, for any type of screw or vane rotary air compressor on the market. Repairs can be made either at our headquarters or on site.

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Thickness guage checks with the ultrasonic method

A highly qualified and certified team

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Risparmio energetico con il measurement box

Energy saving

up to 35% savings on equipment

In order to reduce costs, it is necessary to implement a strategy that addresses energy consumption. Unfortunately, despite the high cost of producing compressed air, this question is rarely taken into consideration. In addition to monitoring leaks and the correct use of energy, it is essential to determine whether the equipment can provide the best results.
Looking at a medium sized company, which uses a 55 kW system, the annual cost of electricity necessary to produce compressed air may exceed 40,000 Euro.

Recent experience has shown that, by optimizing equipment, businesses can save up to 35% (further incentives, as provided by law, can also be factored in).
By performing a week-long network analysis, it is possible to obtain both a general and precise framework concerning compressed air production (and costs) that can allow one to implement the actions necessary to reduce production costs.